The primary mission of Safe Haven Llama & Alpaca Sanctuary is animal cruelty prevention in regard to

llamas and alpacas. 

To achieve this purpose, we rescue and rehabilitate abused, neglected, handicapped and abandoned llamas and alpacas at our Sanctuary. 

We provide humane care, compassionate treatment and wellness care for all animals requiring such care and treatment. 

We also seek suitable and permanent homes for adoptable animals and provide a permanent home at the Sanctuary for animals not adoptable for whatever reason.

Safe haven is 100% Volunteer Run and 100% of all proceeds are spent for the care of our residents.

Currently Safe Haven Llama & Alpaca Sanctuary has a herd of about 30 llamas and alpacas

(the majority are llamas, with just a few alpacas). 

With the decline in numbers of animals in the area since the first part of 2010 onward, and an increase in interest in llamas and alpacas overall, our herd has dwindled from the 70+ group of a few years ago. 

Most of our herd now are permanent residents - being unadoptable due to age or medical issues - and will spend the remainder of their lives here at the Sanctuary.


Did You Know:

Almost All Of Safe Havens Residents are OVER the Age of 16?

Just think of us as a

"Retirement Home for Elderly Llamas eh?

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