Our Residents

Each of our Safe Haven residents has an interesting and unique life story. Often it is heartbreaking, but when a llama or alpaca can get the care he or she needs from us at Safe Haven, their story takes on a more heartwarming tone. Most all of our residents will remain at Safe Haven for the remainder of their lives, as they have special needs or are simply too old to relocate. Others are temporary guests, waiting for the right caretaker to offer them a new, compassionate life experience. We invite you to get to know some of our permanent residents and to appreciate the depth and variety of their personalities. The following information offers you a brief insight into the individuality of these sensitive, curious and intelligent animals that have found their way to our sanctuary. This is just a sampling of the many llamas and alpacas we have rescued. Let us know if you would like to learn more about any of these animals and remember, you can easily donate to help us care for each and every single one.







We Currently Have a little over 35 Llamas and Alpaca Residents living at Safe Haven.
Enjoy Some Wonderful photos from our kind crew!

Please understand these llamas and alpacas are NOT adoptable due to extensive vet care needs.



Gunner is a nosy lad who enjoys hanging with the bunnies.

He is a VERY curious soul and has to greet every visitor who comes to Safe Haven. "Gunner" has been a resident for a few years. His Best Friend is Kenye.



Snowbell has always had a "baby face" but this sassy lady is a little over 10.

She too, likes to be the "Queen" of the herd and  can sometimes over power her affection towards you.

She is adorable: buy very sassy.

This is part of being imprinted on as a cria.



We have never met a more kind, gentle soul like Encontana. She is pure joy.

Bred into the fiber category, she has inherited being broken down in her pasterns at an early age.  "Encontata" is around 20 years old but enjoys the sunshine and hanging in the pasture with the ladies.

Her favorite part of the day is "Treat Time"!


"(San) Tiago"

Meet "Gunners" Brother. Currently Tiago is going through some daily vet maintenance on his jaw. He had bone fragments broken in his jaw which are caused by possibly being kicked by another llama. They were removed but it has not healed and after a year is still abscessing. Surgery may be needed soon.

He is a strong willed man who arrived at Safe Haven in early 2020.
Please Click Here  to Donate to his daily vet care.

We need assistance in buying medicine, needles and possible surgery cost.



A Stunning Lad.

Timber arrived at Safe haven in Spring of 2020 with two other llamas.

He Has went through extensive vet care on his right hind leg due to a deep wound from a fence or sharp object.

His vet care costs are over $800.

Safe Haven needs assistance in paying for his needs. Please Click Here to Help Pay for Timbers Vet Stay and aftercare.



Say Hello To Kristal.

This inquisitive lady loves pellets and laying in the front pasture.

Kristal is around 22 years young and has lived at Safe Haven for quite some time.

She is always kind to new llamas who arrive and loves to give kisses to those who she trusts.


"Veronique (left) & "Nan" (right)

These sweet ladies are both around 20 years young.

Veronique has an overbite on her lower jaw and does need to walk slower in the pasture. She like to stick by "Nan" and the two have become quite good friends.

"Nan" loves the camera, enjoys visitors and likes to meet new llamas



A sweet melody at Safe Haven. "Harmony" is a delicate soul who has been at Safe Haven for years. She enjoys Spring and eating  fresh grass in the West Pasture.


"Mari" (left) & "Kiora" (right)

"Mari" is a little standoffish and likes to hang back to watch whats going on. She is at Safe haven with her Daughter, "Mariposa".

"Kiroa" is one of our alpaca residents who loves to play in the water. "Kiora" has struggles tremendously during the fire season and smoke makes her VERY ill. We almost lost her in early fall 2020.



"Ruby" is a quiet soul who sets back from the crowd and observes. She is a much older gal and has been having a rough time when the weather gets cold. She will receive a blanket in the cold months to help keep her warm.

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Did You Know Safe Haven goes through a Bag of pellets a Day?

Thats 365 bags a year.

$7,300 for a Year of Pellets!

Help Us Buy Llama Pellets by

Donating Here.

The Ladies Lined Up for Pellet Treats on a Beautiful Spring Evening.


"Gunner" Likes to Peek In the Windows and See if he can get his cute llama lips on some delicious pellet treats.

Stay Tuned For More Photos of our Friendly Residents at Safe Haven!