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Safe Haven Llama & Alpaca Sanctuary strives to find great 'forever' homes for all our residents.  We do, however, request that anyone who adopts one of our 'residents' make a donation to us.  These requested donation amounts assist us in offsetting the costs of care that has we have provided for the individual resident being adopted.


Feel free to contact us if you would like more information on adoptions or our requested donation amounts for individual residents.

Adoption Donations (recommended)

  • Alpaca:                                                                                     ~$350.00

  • Llama - ages 4 - 14 yrs:                                                      ~$500.00

  • Llama - ages 15 to 17 yrs:                                                  ~$350.00

  • Experienced Pack Llama - ages 4 - 15 yrs:                   ~$800.00

  • Experienced Pack Llama - ages above 15 yrs:           ~$500.00


*We can provide, upon request, information to adoptive families regarding packing trainers.


What you get when you adopt:


  • Handle-able llama or alpaca

  • Halter, lead, tie and load trained

  • All males are gelded (we have some female spayed animals available for adoption, but we do not have spaying performed prior to adoption)

  • Complete medical care (vaccinated, wormed, teeth maintained and nails trimmed - all our animals are well taken care of)

  • Sheared or groomed accordingly (depending on the season and the animal)

*All donations related to adoption go toward offsetting the costs of care and the continued operation of Safe Haven Llama & Alpaca Sanctuary.

*A Veterinarian health check prior to adoption can be arranged, but adoptive family will be responsible for the costs associated with this.  We have 'Vet Checks' performed regularly on all our residents and will provide the most recent results upon adoption.

For more information on the adoption process, please contact us.


We are currently not offering a sponsorship program for individual animals, as the administrative time involved in this takes away from the care of our animals here at Safe Haven Llama & Alpaca Sanctuary.  We may reintroduce individual sponsorships in the future if there is enough interest shown by our supporters.  Please contact us if sponsorship is of interest to you.

You may, however, specify what your cash donation will go toward (hay, feed, general sanctuary upkeep, etc.) and we will ensure that your donation goes where you want it to.

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